The Top Three Benefits of Co-working with Shared Tech Space

For many entrepreneurs, working out of their home seems like a dream come true: no set hours, no interruptions, and no nagging bosses micromanaging projects. Some may glibly state that the only things they miss from working in an office setting is the free food. The reality is that for many people working from home can have some nightmarish disadvantages. Here at Shared Tech Space we compiled our Top 3 Benefits of Co-Working:


1. Professionalism



We’ve all been a part of that terribly awkward moment when we have been on an important call and been interrupted by a child or a friend or our partner bursting in on the scene talking or making very non-professional noises. Take the recent humiliation of Robert Kelly’s live interview with the BBC as “an expert” on South Korean affairs. Do you think he will be getting many more calls, no matter how deep his knowledge-base, when such happy, family antics are suddenly and unexpectedly on display? Serious journalism expects a certain level of decorum. We would surmise that working from home put a major ding in his reputation. It could possibly take years to recover from. Would having an available shared tech space in which to make future calls be of utmost importance to Mr. Kelly? Absolutely. Both to him and to the newscaster interviewing him.


Co-sharing enables you to have a professional space at a fraction of the cost.


2. Depression


Type in a query about working from home and depression and hundreds of links come back with tips on how to fight depression and what signs to look for if you feel you are getting depressed. A recent article in the New York Times “is Social Isolation Killing Us?” discussed the very real side effects of loneliness. Having a co-sharing space, even if it is one you use periodically, offers a built-in network of colleagues who will notice if you don’t show up after a certain amount of time. At Shared Tech Space we work closely to build in useful tools, both digital and physical that bridge the isolation gap.


3. Creative Spark


Many times when we work from home we find ourselves falling into a repeated rut. We can lose track of time and fall into procrastination and inactivity, simply because time stretches ahead endlessly or we feel that we can get these other little things done first, like cleaning the kitchen or getting to the next level in our favorite video game. Clean spaces and games are all well and good, but if you can suit up and show up for four hours at your professional work place, you can accomplish a vast amount of effective work.Often, the simple ritual of traveling to an outside space, not dressed in your pjs or basketball shorts can lead to a burst of creative energy that can give you the mental fuel you need to power through a deadline.

So, skip the nagging boss, but enjoy all the benefits of having a professional space outside your home. Whether it is setting up business meetings, arranging conferences, having a quiet zone in which to focus on a project, co-sharing a workspace is an affordable business trend that is here to stay.


Shared Tech Space offers a safe, friendly collaboration of a variety of co-sharing work options. From cubicle space, conference room, to fully enclosed offices, we have the facilities to meet your business needs whether you are self-employed or a mid-sized company. To learn more about our services and how we can help you, please give us a call at  601-500-1794 or email us at  [email protected].

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