The Case for Public Pricing

The Case for Public Pricing

As a business owner for 5 years now I’ve realized that time is your most precious commodity. You need to give the consumer as much information about your services up front as you possibly can. Who wants to invest time in the sales process only to get the end and the client’s budget is 1/3 of what you charge. If there is one thing that every buyer wants to know before they commit, it’s “What is this going to cost me?” and what do I get. This not saying you want to be the cheapest option just have to be able to define that value that you are charging for. It could be something as simple as you get t X features, or you get someone with 20 years of experience building enterprise systems.


Why most people don’t want their prices out there?

These are some of the typical excuses people come up with in most cases these are driven from fear or a lack of process and being able to define exactly what your customer is getting.

1) “It’s not done in our industry”

2) “What happens if my competition sees it?”

3) “All our pricing is custom, nothing is standard”

4) “We would never do that”


Why should you put your prices out there?

1) It sorts out the people that cant afford the service. Like I said time is your most precious commodity.

2) It forces you to get your sales and delivery processes really tight. Once you put your prices out there if you don’t have of process for your deliverables, public pricing will definitely force you to set them or get eaten alive with scope creep.

3) No surprises. It helps avoid that “oh my goodness” look that we have all seen.

4) Simplifies the process always remember KISS



I think most buyers are trained to search for price as part of any purchase decision. Its in our DNA, so put your prices out there.