WordPress Website Care Package

Website Performance, Security, & Updates

If you aren’t 100% sure your WordPress site is secure and performing as it should, my care plan is the answer. You run your business. I’ll run your website.

Never Worry about this happening again

  • Woke up in the morning with your website down?
  • Had your site down for over 24 hours and no one even knew?
  • Have you ever been blacklisted by google?
  • Have your website emails ever had a problem getting delivered?
  • Are you tired of getting spam emails?
  • Do you always forget to keep your site updated and backed up?

The Benefits of our Website Care Package

  • No more worrying about if your server is secure we lock ours down!
  • No more worrying about outdated themes and plugins on your website!
  • No More worrying about contact form  Spam wasting your time!
  • No More worrying about malware on your website we check it several times a day!
  • No More worrying about backups we back up on the server and in the cloud to guarantee you never lose data!
  • No More worrying about WordPress Updates we take care of them for you!
  • No More worrying about your website being fast we optimize it for you!
  • No More worrying about if your website is up 24 x 7 we keep our eyes on it!
  • No More worrying about your website being on Blacklists we track them!
  • No More worrying about your domain expiring we will notify you!
  • No More worrying about your filespace we watch it so you never run out
  • No More worrying about paying for an SSL or it ever expiring leaving your website insecure we watch it!
  • No More worrying about working with the support that can not understand your issues and isn’t capable of answering your questions!
  • PDF reporting will be delivered to your inbox. Download example

Does it matter where my site is hosted?

You can Host with us on amazon, but it does not matter if you host your site somewhere else, such as on GoDaddy, 1and1, HostGator, or MediaTemple we can and will take care of it.

What’s the cost?

$299 expect first contact within 12 hours. If Its an emergency call the number here