Saving Money on your AWS resources

It never ceases to amaze me how the price of server resources has plummeted over the past few years. That being said your AWS account can get out of control if you dont pay close attention. There are a lot of way to save money on your bill here are a few first steps along with some links to help get you started.


  • Really dig into your cost explorer and understand where, what and why you’re spending that money. Cost Explorer
  • Make sure you have CloudWatch alarms setup for billing alerts. This will help you prevent surprises you’d possibly miss until costs have incurred Cloud Watch
  • Turn off/delete things when not needed. Remember when you shut down Ec2 instances you are still charged the storage fee, if you shutdown a light sail instance you continue to pay full price.
  • Right-size everything take a look at trusted advisor it should point you in the right direction Trust Advisor
  • Use Spot instances where possible and If you are able to commit to a time period or pay up front or look at savings plans options
  •  We really dig into you retention policies in S3, consider Infrequent Access or (Deep) Glacier based on access patterns I recently did this and saved about $100 A  month.
  • Try to move to the newest instance generation of the family you are currently using, they usually offer increased performance at the same (or slightly lower) price
  • Watch out for RDS  and hosted databases it can get expensive quick. Make sure to set your threshold and create a billing alert.
  • Identify services you won’t be using and take access away via IAM so there is no chance of a surprise bill
  • Review your EBS setup, use the cheap magnetic types of storage wherever practical.
  • Check all regions for anything you don’t expect. People love to test things and then forget about them.
If you have any questions drop them in the comments below.