Reasons Developers Prefer Xamarin Platform for Mobile App Development

As a developer you need to think beyond developing an app for just a single platform. With consumers on multiple platforms growing by leaps and bounds every day, you need an app development platform like Xamarin to facilitate this development. For the longest time, we had to code for each OS differently making it very expensive to develop an app. Not only is the cost of developing an app high, but also it takes time to plan, develop, design and even test.

A framework  like Xamarin that supports cross-platform, development, designing and testing  makes our life easier, and helps us to satisfy a client requirements quickly. with a performant, native look and feel.

Keep in mind that writing good code is not the only thing that determines the success of an app. For an application to be successful, the code has to performant, easy to use, and marketed correctly. These are the reasons an app or any idea succeeds in the marketplace.

  • Native User Experiences

With Xamarin you can build cross-platform apps for iOS, Windows or Android. Xamarin features the Xamarin.Forms tool, which at any given time converts app UI parts into the platform specific elements. Xamarin comes with a flawless experience as you can create and design an app the way your customer desires using platform specific UI elements. Xamarin is a great option for business oriented projects; an app can be created in the shortest time possible. If you are looking for specific and excellent results you can use Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS. What makes Xamarin the best mobile app development platform is its compatibility with the native Software Development Kits. Any SDK that allows the codes to be reused across different platform can seamlessly be integrated with Xamarin. The final app does can can have all the control features of the native OS  from once source.

  • No Major learning Curve

One of the reasons that developers love Xamarin is that it features a smaller learning curve that traditional app development. When one switches to Xamarin from other app development tools there is no need to reinvent the wheel. To get started with building apps on this platform you just need basic knowledge of NET/C#.  You can do everything from this one tool.

  • Fewer Bugs and Lesser Headaches

What can be more frustrating than finding a bug in the app at the last minute or right after launch?  To avoid  this developers can use the  built in testing fools with  Xamarin. Xamarin platform offers developers the chance to test an app .

  • Faster Concept to Market

Time is always a factor of many things in the business world. To be a competitive developer in the market, you need to deliver an app in  a timely manner.  A faster a well developed app reaches the market the more the chances of beating the competition. Xamarin has the ability to share code and libraries, and it is extremely  simple. This  allows  developers to come out with a well-baked app within no time.