Experts are everywhere nowadays. But let’s face it, finding the right one is not easy. For any transaction that is important to you business here are a few questions to ask.

Question #1. What kind of person are you getting into business with? In the end no matter what people say you are entering into a business transaction with a person. You want to make sure they are one of integrity. I recommend doing a background check to check for things in their past like bankruptcy, drug and alcohol abuse, BBB complaints among other things. People do make mistakes, but gather all the details you can so you can make an informed decision.

Question #2 What really is their experience level?

A professional should have substantial expertise with a large portfolio no matter what is. Do not take their portfolio for granted ask for references from the “companies” they are showing off. I cant tell you the number of times, the companies will have never heard from them.

Question #3. What do they charge for services? 

Keep in mind that each project has unique needs so pricing can vary wildly between quotes and the cheapest is very rarely the best choice.

Question #4. What do they need to get started?

Are they asking for a deposit? Unless you are sure of their background and integrity you might want to push them towards escrow for the money. If they are digital services you can use freelancer or upwork. If its a small transaction $1000 or less, if you do your homework on the individual then 1/2 deposit and the rest when complete works.

Do they need access to your home, business or website? Make sure to vet the employees and company. Often third party services like angles list are a great source of reviews.

Question #5 But they have tons of social media followers

Social media followers can be easily bought look at the activity they have and if it’s substantial. Having a 10,000 followers that say “thanks” “goodone” or some other simpleton phrases is normally a good sign that the followers are not engaged.