Benefits of Using Cloudflare on Your Site

Benefits of Using Cloudflare on Your Site

Cloudflare is made to speed up and protect any website. Their main feature is the global Content Delivery Network (CDN), which allows the resources on your site to load exponentially faster. Some of the extra features it provides are analytics for visitor data ,enhanced security features, Universal SSL and basic DDOS protection. Cloudflare is available only for fully hosted domains.

To make Cloudflare easy to set up, they have taken way the need for having to add expensive hardware, install software, or change your code that you have agonized over for months. All you have to do is set your nameservers to Cloudflare and they handle the rest.

How Cloudflare works is uses Anycast to route initial DNS lookups for your own domain to the data center of Cloudflare closest to the visitor. It will receive the request and send them a Cloudflare IP address instead of your IP address. Cloudflare will then request the actual content of a website after the visitor’s browser did an initial DNS lookup.

Those requests are sent to the IP address that was returned back from the DNS lookup. Cloudflare uses it’s own IP address to show the visitor its own content from its local storage, rather than have them talking directly to your own web server.

Cloudflare has a high volume of data centers that they usually have the access to a quicker route from their data to your web server. Meaning, the visitor will receive the traffic data faster going between Cloudflare for their requests for your site. Still keeping your data safe while giving the visitor access to data that is secured through the program.

Cloudflare also has the ability to scan a potential visitor requesting your site/information to see if they are an actual threat based on their IP address. They will also take into consideration the information they are requesting, the payload they are posing and how many times they are making requests to your site. The benefit to this is that Cloudflare has the ability to protect you and other sites from visitors that are malicious before they can get into your web server.

Using Cloudflare can shorten your bandwidth usage by over sixty percent and shorten the amount of requests to your webpage by sixty-five percent. Cloudflare will take the data that is close to the visitor and present extra web content from their data center. Because of this, they have taken the time to load the page in half the time.