Mission Statement

Building a movement in todays software culture to make it a a better place for our families and freedom.

7 Principles of a #softwarepreneur

  • We believe software can change everyone’s lives for the better
  • We never put work over our family
  • We are able to manage ourselves we do not need someone to tell us to build. It is in our Nature.
  • We believe learning in a never ending Journey for ourselves and others.
  • We realize time is our most precious commodity 
  • We believe faith is a huge part of our journey 
  • We will always take Community over code 
  • We are deeply invested in growing together, someone else’s success is ours.

Filters we see life through

  • Family
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Product Marketing
  • Web Dev
  • Disciple

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Giving Back


For every new project that comes in the door we will fund a budding entrepreneur with Kiva. Take a few minutes to watch the video, and check out the homepage. Over 1.5 billion in loans to date to people all over the world trying to improve their lives. Each client will receive a note about who they helped along with a link to follow the story.

Cara Dog Rescue

St. Marks United Methodist

Salvation army Mississippi