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Is your big, over-engineered code base slowing your down?

  • Adding new features is painful and difficult.
  • It’s hard to track down bugs and issues.
  • You spend as much time updating dependencies as you do writing code.
  • There’s part of the code base no one wants to touch because you’re not entirely sure how it works.
  • Everything takes 5x longer than it should.

Imagine if your code base got out of your way.

  • Adding new features was quick and easy.
  • Bugs were easier to track down and fix.
  • You could spend more time writing code and less time updating dependencies.
  • Every part of the code base was clear and well-documented.
  • You could write and ship code quickly.


Get help from an expert!

I help marketers simplify processes, web development and ship code faster.  there are a handful of ways I can help you, including…

  • Roadmap & Planning. I work with you to understand your business goals, identify challenges with your code base, and put together a custom roadmap to fix them.
  • Ongoing Advisory. Want your team to do the work, but worried about unexpected issues that might come up? I’m available to review progress, answer questions, and keep the project on track.
  • Implementation. I have over a decade of experience simplifying code bases and building fast, efficient websites and apps. I can refactor your code base so you can focus on doing what you do best.