Mission Statement

Its our mission to crush WordPress downtime whether its from bad hosting, or lazy devs using better tooling and processes!

Some of the reasons your site can go down

  • Human error either coding mistakes or server admins. We have systems in place for our devs so any error can be rolled back quickly
  • Hardware problems. People have o redundant systems or backups in place this can be a real issue
  • Poor website hosting and support. We see many times the support team is responsible for the downtime.
  • DNS issues. We monitor your DNS and alert you and us when there is a problem
  • DDoS attacks. We partner with Cloudflare the best in the business</span
  • CMS issues – We know WordPress.
  • Mismanaged maintenance

Filters we see life through

  • Family Values – Raising children to change the World for the better through kindness
  • WordPress Hosting and Developement
  • Building products and tools that will make WordPress downtime a thing of the past

Giving Back

Cara Dog Rescue

St. Marks United Methodist

Salvation army Mississippi