What We Stand For

Mission Statement

Our mission is to crush WordPress downtime whether it’s from bad hosting, or lazy devs.

Some of the reasons your site can go down

  • Human error either coding mistakes or server admins. We have systems in place for our devs so any error can be rolled back quickly
  • Hardware problems. People have o redundant systems or backups in place this can be a real issue
  • Poor website hosting and support. We see many times the support team is responsible for the downtime.
  • DNS issues. We monitor your DNS and alert you and us when there is a problem
  • DDoS attacks. We partner with Cloudflare the best in the business</span
  • CMS issues – We know WordPress.
  • Mismanaged maintenance

Filters we see life through

  • Family Values – Raising children to be Kind 
  • PHP and WordPress ecosystem
  • Building products and tools that will make  downtime a thing of the past

Giving Back